Spare Change


Remember that Seinfeld episode in the parking garage…the one where no one can remember where the car’s parked? Kramer is carrying a heavy air conditioning unit, he eventually off loads behind someone’s parked car; Elayne is worried her goldfish in the airtight plastic sack is going to die; George is worried he’ll miss his parent’s anniversary dinner and Jerry has to desperately urinate. At some point Jerry muses: Why is it other… Read More

Living in another country during the holidays can be fun…then again it can also be memorable in other ways. Our Thanksgiving feast was postponed until Saturday since the kids had school on Thursday. Meanwhile, I’d amassed the requisite 30 lb. turkey (from Germany) and all the trimmings. We’d invited friends to dine and then…yes, the inevitable, sick kids; sick husband. We canceled the party and I served up soup and crackers, feeling… Read More