Spare Change


Your Christmas cards aren’t mailed yet? Mine aren’t either, at least not all of them, and I’ll be lucky if they’re postmarked before 2014. I’m not feeling too bad. A friend of mine didn’t mail hers until after Easter one year. Personally, I think Christmas and Easter go fine together. But in case you don’t get yours, here’s what we all look like (on our better days).Of course it’s not like I… Read More

One of my Fika friends alerted me to the fact that this was at the Lidingo (ICA) grocery store. Yes, it’s a taxidermy reindeer, advertising for a local favorite, Reindeer Stew/Finnbiff Stew,  a popular meat dish this time of year. I love venison and beef stew, so why not reindeer? I did some asking around (and research on the internet) and came up with this…a version of the traditional Finnbiff dish.  … Read More