Spare Change


FIVE. That’s how many hours, according to reports, we had of sunlight during the ENTIRE month of November. And it’s not looking much brighter for December. It’s dark. And it’s dreary. And I’m taking Vitamin D, holding out for “ski week” in February when you can betcha bottom dollar I won’t be skiing, but going someplace warm with sunshine. Hallelujah. But I still love Sweden and the coziness of winter, (most days)…. Read More

Yesterday was a Thursday, only it felt like a Saturday. Cooper had work off and the kids were out of school. I have no idea why. All I know is, it was a Swedish holiday and we desperately needed the time to do a lot of unimportant stuff. You know, the kind of uninspiring things that take up otherwise useable brain space and critical mental energy. Like for instance…fixing the knob that… Read More