Spare Change


On mornings when the shoreline retreats to the horizon, and a breeze blows, so you almost need a sweater, people of all cultures gather to the beach. Most mornings, but especially on these mornings, I walk. My usual attire: black leggings, pink t-shirt, neon yellow fanny pack and orange ball cap—I know, I’m not proud. I move briskly. My arms and legs swinging, as I take the brick pathway, parallel to the… Read More

The hardest part about living in Sweden…isn’t Sweden. It’s that the people I love (a lot of them anyway) live four thousand miles and three connecting flights away. It’s that every time I want to call home it’s my nighttime and their daytime, it messes things up. It’s that when people you care about are sick, or otherwise in need of a hug or helping hand, you can’t be there. This is… Read More