Spare Change


We woke up the morning of our trip and I still wasn’t sure we were actually going, “Are we going?” I asked my husband. Nothing was packed, no hotel booked. “Yes,” he said, “we’re going.” He took the day off work, hooray! We gave the kids 30 minutes to throw together whatever they could fit in their backpacks for the overnight trip. (And no, I didn’t check what it was). I started… Read More

This week we headed to The Natural History Museum in Stockholm. The edifice itself is well worth a visit–built in 1916, it’s situated next to the main campus of Stockholm University–it’s massive. The hotdog stand, (you can see in the picture out front), is pretty awesome too. Ever have a French hotdog…where the bun wraps all the way around? They squirt ketchup and mustard in the middle–it’s not bad. It was a… Read More

Here’s an idea for a fall day… Get a dirt-proof bag, like a Target bag, (or the one pictured here, a goodie bag from a recent birthday party made out of waxed cotton) and head to the woods. This could involve some driving first, but it’s worth it. Wear shoes that can get dirty.Here’s some ideas for what you can do: Collect leaves and compare their shapes and sizes, if you don’t… Read More