Spare Change


“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” ― André Gide Recently I had dinner with two talented and very dynamic friends, expats that live in Stockholm. We met at my friend’s house with the intention of discussing our life goals—BIG big stuff people. We dubbed it our “Life Planning Party,” and chuckled to ourselves because it was also just plain FUN. With a… Read More

The idea is happiness. It’s not complicated. But for some reason it’s the proverbial needle in the haystack, or was for me, until I made a very small but significant change in my life: the decision to THINK positive self-reinforcing thoughts everyday. Five minutes. Sit in a comfortable chair and visualize how you want to feel: what you want to feel like when you wake up in the morning, how you want… Read More

My guests have left and my house smells like a garden. Inhale. Ahhhh…tulips, spouting bulbs, pale pink Gerber daisies and babies breath scattered throughout the house…it’s a Swedish tradition to bring the host fresh flowers, a tradition that is especially lovely in winter when you need (so desperately) the memories of spring. But even lovelier than all the gifts, are the memories of having these 8 incredible women to my house for… Read More

I broke the news late last night to Jonah. Actually, I thought he already knew. There is no Halloween in Sweden; no going door-to-door, stocking up on candy to be eaten for the next six months; no Snicker’s bars, Dum-Dum’s (who cares about those anyway) or Laffy Taffy. He didn’t know how good he had it in Cali, (isn’t that always the case), there we had neighborhood Trick or Treating plus Trunk… Read More