Spare Change


It almost feels normal, making dinner, driving kids to school, hosting back yard gatherings, taking care of the routine and mundane “to-do lists” of the day, until the moment I remember…my husband is in Iraq. He’s in Iraq. It’s just me, and the kids and this house and life happening so fast. At those moments my thoughts splinter. I’m traveling at light speed to where Cooper is, only I’ve never been to… Read More

Six weeks. That’s how much time we have left until we move. I know the drill. I know. I’ve been here before, but it still doesn’t seem real. And it won’t. I know. Not until I get on the plane and look down over Stockholm, to where I lived for the last three years, and listen to the flight attendant instruct us on where to find the exits and how to put… Read More

Karen Ament is a blogger at Humble Mumblings and a recovering expat, currently finding her place in the world. Caught somewhere between Scandinavia and Pennsylvania, she is again trying to make her family a “home.” Her story is as real as it gets for us transplants. She’s proving it not only can be done, but by extending our view of what “home” means, we can broaden our little corner of the globe…even… Read More

It feels different now, in the year 2012, to be an American living overseas than it did back in 1999 when we first embarked on our tour to Greece. That was before the Euro Zone, before 9-11, before I even knew Al-Qaeda existed. You only have to glance up at the barbed wire fence surrounding the Stockholm Embassy to know the United States faces security risks. Naturally, I don’t like to think… Read More