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Monthly Archives: April 2015

I have a realtor, or I should say I had a realtor, because as of today she’s no longer my realtor. I’m sure she’s plenty nice, but she wasn’t getting the job done, a.k.a. not working to find me a home to buy. That’s what realtors do, right? I don’t have time to mess around. I fly out next week. I have four days to see homes, make my decision and hand… Read More

Mamma Mia, we went to the ABBA museum in Stockholm, the “Walk In, Dance Out,” experience that was, in the words of my son, “more fun than I thought it’d be.” I’ve still got “Waterloo,” stuck in my head. It was a Super-Trouper day and brought back tons of 80’s memories. The ABBA museum has loads of memorabilia: album covers, legendary costumes, thousands of photographs, even a reproduction of their actual Polar… Read More