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Monthly Archives: March 2015

If you’ve been following my random posting then you know I’ve been on a tidying rampage, pretty much cleaning out and giving away and hauling stuff to the dump in massive proportions. After living in Sweden for three years I’ve changed. I’m addicted to  s p a c e . I love clean, sparse, unadorned environments. Yes Swedes, you’ve changed me. You’ve gotten into my heart and soul and I’m all the… Read More

Have you ever been frustrated? Hands high up in the air, higher, so I can see them…OK. That’s a lot of hands. So when were you last frustrated? Last week, yesterday, five minutes ago, just now when you couldn’t get the kitty riding the vacuum clip to load and clicked on this instead? I get it, but hear me out, just for a minute. I’ve got a remedy and it’s a sure-fire… Read More

A couple of weeks ago I helped teach a Sunday school lesson to six-year olds–some of the wisest people around. On the table we had pictures for them to chose from; they were to pick something they were grateful for and share it with the class. One beautiful little Swedish girl with blonde curly hair and big blue eyes held up a picture of a frown. She said that she was grateful… Read More