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Monthly Archives: March 2014

“I forgot to get the pictures I painted,” says my 5-year old Maggie, leaving me to wait at the preschool pick-up as she races back inside the building. My eyes scan the parking lot now filling up with cars. I glance at my watch. Another few minutes and it will be packed with moms and dads. When Maggie returns she’s carrying a stack of papers. “What’s this?” The top sheet is still… Read More

It was the first day of ski school and I watched from a distance as my 5-year old daughter, Maggie, lined up with the other girls and boys her age, wearing skis (some for the first time). From my bird’s-eye view on a sunny balcony, the training hill appeared as an island of manmade snow surrounded by green grass. Marooned adults and children stood tightly packed for their first day of lessons…. Read More

If you read my last post, about Memory, you’ll appreciate what I’m about to share next…about making memories. In the book, “Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering,” Josh Foer (the 2006 USA Memory Champion), relates the extraordinary story of Michel Siffre, a French chronobiologist (someone who studies the relationship of time to living organisms). In 1962, Siffre did something radical for research; he locked himself in a subterranean cave… Read More

On our way to Germany for ski week, on board Norwegian Air, I thumbed through the In-Flight magazine, annoyed by the absence of leg room, the teenager bumping my chair playing his handheld and the nuisance of not having a TV in (HELLO!) the 21st century. It was then that I came across an article that made me forget all of that; it was about the 2013 World Memory Champion, Jonas von… Read More

This week’s post come from the inspiring treasury of Devi Duerrmeier, writer of My Daily Bread and Butter. A former journalist, now blogger, she writes from the heart about faith, food and family (what’s not to love). Her wisdom and experience make her an extraordinary voice within the expat community. “Giving Permission,” will resonant with anyone who has ever needed a little more patience, fortitude and peace during times of transition (meaning… Read More