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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Sweden has one Apple Store, it opened this past year in Taby C (north of Stockholm). Like most Apple stores, it’s always busy, and for good reason. Even if you’re not buying an ipad, who doesn’t want to check out the latest retinal screen “Wonder of the World?” Speaking of wonders, a Swedish friend at Church told me his elderly mother had doubts about the resurrection…how could anyone die and really come… Read More

Your Christmas cards aren’t mailed yet? Mine aren’t either, at least not all of them, and I’ll be lucky if they’re postmarked before 2014. I’m not feeling too bad. A friend of mine didn’t mail hers until after Easter one year. Personally, I think Christmas and Easter go fine together. But in case you don’t get yours, here’s what we all look like (on our better days).Of course it’s not like I… Read More

This is the Nobel Museum. Situated in the heart of Gamla Stan near the Royal Palace, the museum pays homage to the Nobel Prize Winners in six categories: Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Economics, and Physiology/Medicine. Since 1901 there have been 863 prizes awarded, some sparking controversy, others lending a bit of character to the history of the prize. One such character was Albert Einstein. Although awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921 for… Read More

I’ve been told the Ulriksdal Wardhus Julboard is on a list of things you should do before you die. I understand why now. It could just be the only time in my life I get to see a real pig’s head decorated with icing. Or eat this…pickled herring. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what this was. The platters ran the length of a banquet table. There were so many courses. The… Read More

Living in Sweden is the best of both worlds, the American holidays plus the Swedish traditions. There’s Halloween, uniquely American, which we celebrated by trick or treating around the offices of the American Embassy. Then Thanksgiving, a feast we celebrated with friends, a day focused on food and gratitude (what could be better?). And now Julbord, the Swedish Christmas table, from now until the end of Christmas. Julbord is the feasting season, a… Read More