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Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Tjejmilen is less than two weeks away, and what I should be doing, instead of munching on grapes and writing this blog, is running. I should be outside training for my 10K on this rare of rare sunny day, pushing myself to the limit, which as of now, is maxed out at a 7K. What I’m hoping will get me through is the adrenaline of racing with 35,000 other women (and… Read More

It occurred to me, after I posted my last blog about Vaxholm and a friend of mine emailed (rather than posting her comments, afraid to offend any Swedes), that I might have stepped on sacred territory with regards to this iconic island. For the record, Vaxholm, if you’re looking for a day trip, is indeed a quaint place to visit. I can imagine if you went off-season, without kids, you could sit… Read More

If you want to enjoy a summer day in Sweden, we were told the best way is to hop on a ferry and go to an island. It doesn’t have to be far, twenty-five minutes was all it took for us to get from Gashaga port in Lidingo to Vaxholm. Here’s how it works: You stand waiting for the ferry. You get into a queue. (Swedes are excellent queuers; foreigners, not so… Read More

It’s been a year since we moved to Sweden and people are starting to ask, “Have you learned the language yet?” It’s kind of like assuming someone who likes to jog can run a marathon. It’s not happening. What I do know is, “Jag förstår inte svenska,” it means “I don’t understand Swedish,” and since my pronunciation is so bad, people get my meaning. Other words I’ve found helpful to know are… Read More