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Monthly Archives: June 2013

It’s 10:35pm and still so light the kids are outside playing badminton with Cooper. I’d love to join them but I’m sick. The kind of sick that when you bend over you feel like your head might explode. In the beginning, my voice turned husky, seductive, like Melissa Etheridge singing the blues; it wasn’t so bad. Now I sound like Kermit the frog on helium—a kind of rasping croaky squeaking sound that… Read More

The rhythm of the Swedish summer is taking over. The country is slowing down. You can feel it. Traffic is lighter, the beaches and lakefronts are filled, there are people wearing shorts (maybe some should rethink that), but summer is here and most days—the days that aren’t blowy and cold or threaten storm clouds and rain—it’s beautiful. Summer feels like the aftermath of what has been a long winter tantrum, winter being… Read More

I just dusted yesterday and already a thin layer of yellow pollen is covering my desk, computer and printer. It’s no small wonder; there’s been an explosion of nature going on here the likes of nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s as if the trees and flowers, enlisted by the dandelions, have all conspired to unite and take over; a siege time-lapse photography couldn’t even capture. Visit Sweden now and you’d refuse… Read More