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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Most of us can’t go 5 minutes without using something that’s been created with technology: cellphones, super-glue, dental floss, Google Maps, Velcro…deodorant (I hope I gotcha on that one).  Sweden’s National Museum of Science and Technology was founded in 1924 to highlight the contributions Sweden has made to the world’s technological advances; there are more than 50,000 objects to occupy your time and imagination. Like this one, the waterless clothes washer of the… Read More

The chorus of a Willie Nelson song is running through my head, “On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again…” It’s resonating with my current state of affairs, the fact that we’re moving, yet again (our third move in 10 months). First we were on the island of Lidingo then Stocksund and now we’re headed to Bergshamra in Solna. When it comes to living in Sweden… Read More

If I’m not blogging as much lately, it’s because I’m training for the Tjejmilen. “You only live in Sweden once,” a friend told me, adding that if I didn’t run in Sweden’s largest all women’s race, I’d be missing out the opportunity of a lifetime. (Somehow I believed her.) Directly translated, Tjejmilen means, “Girl Mile.” (I’m guessing that doesn’t sound as ridiculous as it does in English). The 10K with 32,000+ participants,… Read More

If the BIG asteroid was on it’s way and Bruce Willis wasn’t there to stop it, then I’d want my last meal on earth to be at Matsalen, located at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. One of only two Scandinavian restaurants with a 2-star Michelin rating, it is as the guidebook says, “excellent cuisine, worth a detour.” And just so you know, to get 3-stars is extremely rare. Only 81 restaurants in… Read More