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Monthly Archives: March 2013

If a picture says a thousand words, than what do hundreds of photographs in one of Stockholm’s most acclaimed museums—Fotografiska—say about Sweden? Located in Slussen, the privately owned photography museum is housed in a brick Art Nouveau building, renovated by the city of Stockholm to the tune of 250 million crowns. Opened in 2010, it’s as you’d expect, very cool, hip and modern…so is the café and bistro inside, including the harbor… Read More

There’s only ever been one museum, in the history of taking my kids to museums (a lot of museums, someday they’ll thank me), that they have not protested; the BMW Museum in Munich. Even if cars aren’t your thing, it would be hard not to get your engine revved over this historical look at one of the world’s top auto manufacturers. Located in Olympiapark, the museum opened just before the 1972 Summer… Read More

Drum roll please….dum-da-da-da-da-dum….Jared! Thanks for posting your comments. Your Pippi Longstocking Grand Prize is on it’s way to Utah. A little piece of Sweden coming to your hometown soon. And to everyone else, thank you for your comments, feedback and stories, I truly love and appreciate them. And don’t miss the next Swedish Give-Away!

Today I saw an elderly couple, (I’m guessing in their eighties), walking down an icy sidewalk, holding hands, their free hands each holding onto one of a pair of ski poles. I want this to be me someday. That’s why I’m writing this post, sharing some Swedish secrets for healthy living. Starting with råkor, in English, shrimp. Swedes love these little hand peeled crustaceans. They buy them in buckets, floating in brine,… Read More

FEATHERS, lots of feathers, are all you’ll need to make a really fun Swedish Easter decoration. Glue them or wire the feathers onto the ends of branches. My kids thought this looked like something out of the Lorax. Or maybe just put a bunch of feathers in an old birdhouse…like this one. Lovely. This time of year you can find packets of feathers not only at the craft store, but in the… Read More

What started as a whim, nudged on by suggestions from friends to start writing a blog, has now grown to 50 posts. I’ve appreciated all your wonderful comments and feedback and to show my appreciation I’m doing a FREE Give-Away! Yes, for every comment left on my blog from now until March 21st, I’ll enter your name in a drawing. On March 21st, Maggie, with her eyes closed, will pull out one… Read More

February, in Sweden, is the month of Semlas—a delicious pastry (filled with whipped cream and almond paste) that can only be bought and enjoyed before Lent (this year on February 13th). At least that was the tradition. Now Semlas are so popular they can be purchased and enjoyed the entire month of February. At the bakery where I bought these tasty treats the young woman working behind the counter couldn’t tell me… Read More