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Monthly Archives: February 2013

My son turned 17 this week and my daughter turned 4, somebody pinch me. Like just  yesterday I was like listening to Duran-Duran and like getting perms and like thinking 40 was old! Malachi celebrated his birthday at Sigtuna, which is to say, there wasn’t much hullabaloo. I took him a heart-shaped cake with pink frosting (it was on Valentine’s day), to share with his House. He gave me a big hug and… Read More

Have you ever sat cross-legged and found it hurts? Then Yoga might be for you, or what I mean to say is…you need Yoga. This realization came to me over time (like when I hit 40!) My body started to feel as stiff as a candy cane. I’d wake up in the morning feeling as though Lilliputians had been hammering away at my joints all night—and lets face facts, it ain’t gettin’… Read More

There are days when you don’t feel like exercising or doing much of anything. On those days, I think of this woman…93 years old, her daughter told me she never misses a day of walking. I couldn’t believe when I came upon her, shuffling down the icy path, while I myself struggled not to fall in my sturdy boots. This lovely Swedish woman allowed me to take her picture. I told her… Read More