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Monthly Archives: January 2013

It’s always anxiety provoking, getting a haircut in a new country. You want someone who speaks English but more importantly, someone who can translate your sense of style. My first haircut experience in Sweden was at a walk-in salon in Stockholm, (you can see where this is going, can’t you?) Well, let’s just say, I should have walked out (no ran!), but I didn’t because I was desperate, I was starting to… Read More

Martin Luther King day was on Monday; Cooper had the day off but the kids were still in school (hooray, a real holiday) so we drove into the city to run errands and have lunch at a place recommended to us, called East. It was a trendy sushi joint—men and women in business suits looking as if they were discussing urgent things. We sat amongst them, (there was no other choice, the… Read More

Brunch is the best meal of the day. Almost anything goes—breakfast foods, mid-day fare, (even desserts) served up on a buffet or already plated at the table. When planning what to serve, I take inspiration from (Fancy Nancy) and what’s seasonal and available at the market. That said…it’s winter in Sweden and the produce is still on the dull side, so…I decided to make a “Winter Salad”—there’s nothing dull about it. Winter… Read More

My guests have left and my house smells like a garden. Inhale. Ahhhh…tulips, spouting bulbs, pale pink Gerber daisies and babies breath scattered throughout the house…it’s a Swedish tradition to bring the host fresh flowers, a tradition that is especially lovely in winter when you need (so desperately) the memories of spring. But even lovelier than all the gifts, are the memories of having these 8 incredible women to my house for… Read More

Maggie started preschool (again), this time at Futura in Danderyd. It’s an English-speaking school conveniently located near the British school (where Jonah’s attending) close to home. There are 4 teachers, 2 women and 2 men, yes men! That would be unusual in the States but here in Sweden you see men doing every kind of job—whether you’re a doctor or a garbage collector, you can make a good living wage with health… Read More

Before making a granny square afghan, or anything with yarn, scour the web for free designs–there’s loads of them. My favorite website is by Lucy, at Attic 24. She’s amazing! Her colors and vibrant designs are enough to cheer the dullest of days–the perfect fix for my long Stockholm winter. I love her Ripple Blanket and of course, the Granny Afghan Squares I made here. To begin, you’re going to need yarn… Read More

Late last fall, I took Maggie (and a reluctant Jonah) to Junibacken—a popular children’s play museum in downtown Stockholm—home of Pippi Longstocking. I’d been reading Maggie the story, “Do you know Pippi Longstocking?” so it would make sense, still…I’d been putting off going, imagining it would be a place like Chuckie Cheeses (Ugh!). Happily I was wrong. If anything, it was on par with Disneyland. Inside was a full-scale model of Pippi… Read More

The snow is melting, and like a left over present discovered only after the Christmas tree has been put away, came the gift of green grass, vibrant as spring, the sky trying hard to fit in with a pale blue horizon. The effect was invigorating and gave us no choice really, but to go for a walk. Cooper and I started up our driveway and down the long hill (that leads to… Read More