Our First Thanksgiving in Sweden (and why it felt like a Seinfeld episode)

Living in another country during the holidays can be fun…then again it can also be memorable in other ways. Our Thanksgiving feast was postponed until Saturday since the kids had school on Thursday. Meanwhile, I’d amassed the requisite 30 lb. turkey (from Germany) and all the trimmings. We’d invited friends to dine and then…yes, the inevitable, sick kids; sick husband. We canceled the party and I served up soup and crackers, feeling somehow my life had become that Seinfeld episode where Jerry says while lost in a mall parking lot, “Why do I always have that feeling everyone’s doing something better than me on a Saturday afternoon?” (Episode 23)

I tried not to think of Black Friday, the fact that everyone was hitting the sales in America, buying up cheap merchandise or at least cheaper than I could buy here in Sweden. Saturday passed quietly and then Sunday the family was well enough I could carve up the turkey and serve my sweet potatoes with marshmallows, along with biscuits I threw together last minute, gravy and green beans. We gave God thanks then one by one took turns stating what we were most grateful for. Maggie, who wasn’t feeling well, broke out in tears when it was her turn to speak. Too much pressure I suppose…it’s a lot to put in a sentence. Malachi stepped in and summed up all our feelings with, “I’m grateful for my family and the 11th hour save on Thanksgiving.”

Hooray, we made it! It would’ve been a pity to miss this holiday; it’s my favorite. Even though Christmas is more significant, it’s more stressful too, don’t you think? Thanksgiving is simple…giving thanks and eating great food (and great leftovers). And thanks we gave for the news we are finally moving into a house! (Maybe as soon as Thursday…finger’s crossed.) We pulled Maggie out of pre-school (it was hard to say goodbye to such great teachers) because we will be living too far from where we are now to make the daily drive. We’ll be in Djursholm, Stocksund to be exact, a suburb north of the city, along the archipelago. From our living room window we’ll be able to see Lidingo, but without a bridge to cross, it’s a long way to drive through the city to get here.

In the winter when the ocean inlet freezes over, if you are very brave, I’m told you can ice skate to Lidingo from Stocksund in less than 30 minutes. (They obviously haven’t seen me ice skate.) While I’m sad to be leaving my little corner of the globe, in a place where I was just starting to fit in, make friends and drive without my GPS, I’m happy to finally have a house to call home. And no matter the distance, I’ll still visit my Fika friends as often as I can on a Friday.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and even if you didn’t, know that as compensation, even not so wonderful Thanksgivings can be memorable too. Black Friday or not, I’m so grateful to have what I do, for good times and bad, to be able to share life with my four amazing kids and a husband (though sick as he was) who helped me do dishes. Love that man! And love you Mom and Dad! (Glad we were able to connect over all these miles). And thanks for all my great friends for putting up with my blogs which aren’t stopping anytime soon.

P.S. Stay tuned because I’ve got a upcoming tutorial on how to make a “Pippi Longstocking inspired” Granny Square. Start thinking of your five (or six) favorite colors paired together because you’re gonna want to make one of these.

3 Comments on “Our First Thanksgiving in Sweden (and why it felt like a Seinfeld episode)

  1. dear one,
    this is Mar, remember me? so, you are in Sweden now. how long have you been there and how long do you think you will be there? now, i remember you moved to the east coast while your husband worked in the middle east, i believe. Did you move to Sweden after living in the east coast?
    About black Friday, no worries, I never go out that day, I avoid crowds, so that makes two of us did not get any sales.
    Hope all is well. I sure miss you a lot, always think of you, you were very nice to me.

    • Mar
      I miss you! Yes, we’re in Sweden. Before that we were a year in Pennsylvania then a year in VA, then 2 years in Irvine CA (lovely place). You’re so right about the crowds on Black Friday. Of course it always sounds much more fun than it actually is:) I hope you’re doing well. Stay in touch. I’m sending you my updated contact info in an email.

  2. I am thankful for my wonderful friend Lana!!! Just love you girl! Keep up your blogging!

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