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Monthly Archives: November 2012

It’s never good when you wake up to the doorbell ringing. In this case it was Uri, the bus driver, asking “Is Jonah going to school today?” School??? I’d just stepped out of bed. I had on my robe, standing in the open doorway, freezing, the cold doing something at least to awake my fuzzy brain still brimming with dreams. No, I thought, no one’s awake, Jonah can’t possibly go to school… Read More

Living in another country during the holidays can be fun…then again it can also be memorable in other ways. Our Thanksgiving feast was postponed until Saturday since the kids had school on Thursday. Meanwhile, I’d amassed the requisite 30 lb. turkey (from Germany) and all the trimmings. We’d invited friends to dine and then…yes, the inevitable, sick kids; sick husband. We canceled the party and I served up soup and crackers, feeling… Read More

One of my Fika friends alerted me to the fact that this was at the Lidingo (ICA) grocery store. Yes, it’s a taxidermy reindeer, advertising for a local favorite, Reindeer Stew/Finnbiff Stew,  a popular meat dish this time of year. I love venison and beef stew, so why not reindeer? I did some asking around (and research on the internet) and came up with this…a version of the traditional Finnbiff dish.  … Read More

Pictured below is artwork from the free (yes free!) Maritime Museum in downtown Stockholm. The paintings evoke the words of a poem by Carl Sanburg, Young Sea, THE SEA is never still. It pounds on the shore Restless as a young heart, Hunting. If you’re at all like me, water, be it the ocean, lake, river, or even a puddle…what could be more irresistible…holds an allure that is hard to explain. Though… Read More

This is what we awoke to across the street from our Best Western in Mora. We hadn’t seen it the night before because it was as dark as midnight when we pulled into the hotel at 6 pm. Took a little coaxing to get the kids out of the warm car to pose. And here’s a quick shot of our hotel, as you can see the Dala horse is everywhere in Dalarna…in… Read More

We woke up the morning of our trip and I still wasn’t sure we were actually going, “Are we going?” I asked my husband. Nothing was packed, no hotel booked. “Yes,” he said, “we’re going.” He took the day off work, hooray! We gave the kids 30 minutes to throw together whatever they could fit in their backpacks for the overnight trip. (And no, I didn’t check what it was). I started… Read More

It’s been Fall Break, two weeks off school for Jonah (in the British system) and one week for the rest of the kids. It couldn’t have come at a better time, just when the weather has turned cold and everyone is starting to get sick. It’s darker now too. The sun starts to set around 3:30 (that’s with daylight savings). For whatever reason, it just feels like you need some time off… Read More