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Monthly Archives: July 2012

It’s 5 am and the sun’s so bright I’m wide-awake writing, still thinking about Den Glydene Freden. Last night Cooper and I celebrated our 18-year Anniversary there. It’s fitting, I think, after all these years we chose the oldest restaurant in the world to dine at…yes the world! It’s been in business since 1722 serving up Swedish fare like Fried Lemon Sole with Brown Butter and Roasted Lamb neck with Beets, Artichoke… Read More

I’m still pinching myself. Did I just walk onto the set of Lord of the Rings? Is Frodo behind that gigantic fern? Pictures from my iphone will never do justice to this expanse of flora and fauna along the Stockby Trail. Next to our temporary house, just 10 feet or so, the trail begins as a long gravel path cutting through fields and forests then branching into dozens of smaller trails that… Read More

We finally got hot water! The boys were so excited they all took steaming hot showers and set off the smoke alarm. We didn’t actually know it was the smoke alarm at first, but the high-pitched buzzer was a big clue—some things are universal. We also got the yellow jacket’s nest fumigated in the attic today. Oh YES, that was fun. A small swarm had set up residence in the eves. I’d… Read More

I hadn’t watched the news for more than a week when a Swedish gentleman, who heard me say I was from State College, couldn’t keep himself from telling me the news. He was following the Paterno debacle quite closely and come to find out, other Swedes are too. You would think with everything going on in the world this wouldn’t be a leading story, but it is. I suppose, in part, because… Read More

Okay, so I don’t actually fit in a pasta pot, but I did heat water from the stove and carry it into the shower where I took a nice hot sponge bath. It’s day 3 (or is it 4…I can’t keep track) in Lindingo Sweden and we’ve yet to get the hot water working. Apparently everyone in Sweden goes on vacation in July, so it’s considered an “Emergency Call” to get a… Read More